With the constant progression of technology, projectors are becoming increasingly youthful. More and more people wish to enjoy the grand visual and audio feast on a large screen, anywhere and anytime, leading to a growing desire amongst the younger demographic to purchase projectors. Lately, these two projector models have been creating quite a buzz. Let’s dive into the differences between these two hot commodities!


Both projectors have simple and durable designs. The Aukey RD-870S is only available in white, while the Wanbo New T2 Max is available in two colors, offering more choices depending on individual preference. The Wanbo New T2 Max weighs 1.1KG, while the Aukey RD-870S weighs 1.45KG, which makes the lighter projector more portable for outdoor use.


Focusing Method

Manual focusing can be quite cumbersome and might negatively affect your viewing experience if not done correctly. Among these two projectors, only the Wanbo New T2 Max is equipped with auto-focus function, while the Aukey RD-870S requires manual adjustment. Wanbo New T2 Max uses a self-developed AI intelligent algorithm by Wanbo, making its focusing clearer and faster, thus giving it an edge.


Correction Method

Both of these projectors require manual correction. If placed on the side, a perfect square picture can be obtained through four-corner trapezoidal correction, but the recommended side projection angle for the Aukey RD-870S is ±15°, while that for the Wanbo New T2 Max is ±30°. In this respect, the Wanbo projector has a clear advantage.



Brightness is one of the most important features of a projector as it determines the clarity and brightness of the projection. Higher resolution and brightness typically provide clearer, brighter image effects. The higher the brightness, the stronger the contrast between light and dark, and the higher the color saturation of the picture. The Wanbo New T2 Max has a brightness of 450ANSI, while the Aukey RD-870S only has 320ANSI lumens.


1080P Physical Resolution

Both the Wanbo New T2 Max and Aukey RD-870S have a physical resolution of 1080P. A 1080P resolution can make the picture clear and detailed, revealing true colors. 1080P projectors can reproduce colors more accurately, making the projected image more vibrant and vivid. Especially for content with high color requirements, such as movies and photo displays, 1080P projectors can present more realistic and exciting color effects.

Sound Quality

Both models are equipped with HiFi stereo sound, but the Wanbo New T2 Max also has a 300CC super-large sound cavity, while the Aukey RD-870S has regular 3W*2 speakers. The 300CC super-large sound cavity can create an equally covered high-fidelity surround sound effect, allowing you to enjoy a private home cinema experience. This is undoubtedly a major advantage of the Wanbo New T2 Max.

In conclusion, compared to the Aukey RD-870S, the Wanbo New T2 Max is superior in terms of performance and configuration. Those interested may want to consider this.

The latest Wanbo New T2 is now available for purchase on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, etc. Be quick to grab the introductory price for the new product!

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