Google Has Made The Decision For a Huge Change

Warning! Google Has Made The Decision For a Huge Change

Over the last few years, Google has been keeping a very close watch with the market trend.

Consistently the amounts of people using their phones on the internet has increased susbtantially. Well it’s substantial enough for Google to make a huge change.

In technology there has been a huge desire to increase power and decrease size.

What started out as just a phone is now a mini portable computer as far as using the internet is concerned. Approximately 70% of the people on the internet are using a mini device to do it.

They are smaller and have smaller screens.

When people are using these devices on the internet, the coding in a website must adjust automatically (Mobile Responsive) for the users screen size otherwise on the phone, the user cannot read your site or see images and videos without experiencing problems.

So Mobile Users leave that site and go to another until they find one they can see.

For the Website Owner, this causes high bounce rates and Google lowers Site rankings accordingly!

For Google, this causes server unneccessary loads and the potential search engine user loss!

Google has to serve up user friendly and relevant content. This is the basis for which Google charges adsense to advertisers which is also their bread and butter.

Sometime in 2015, Google will no-longer serve up any Website to Mobile Phone Users if the Website is not Mobile Responsive regardless of the Website’s current ranking.

This is both a problem and an opportunity for Website Owners!

If the owner of a website has spent a lot of time, money or both to rank high on Google and the website is not Mobile Responsive, The Website Owner will lose the business they were getting from Google and that business will go to the next business owner in line that has a Mobile Responsive Website.

On the upside, if a Website Owner is ranked much lower on Google and has a Mobile Responsive Website, that Owners Website will start Out-Ranking Competitors.

This is going to cause a huge influx to Website Owners because everyone that thinks they know how to Design a Mobile Responsive Website is going to be coming out of the woodwork.

The demand will be high and prices across the board will increase due to time constraints.

It is certain that once Google moves down the Ranking of a Website, those Business Owners will be running crazy to find someone to make the Website Mobile Responsive and to get the Rankings back.

Be aware that what takes Google a day to do will possibly take a Website Owner months to repair.

And definitely, the guys that come in on the cheap claiming that they can do this job will be the biggest mistake a Website Owner could make.

A Website Owner risks losing it all!

Take advantage of the situation now and come out on top!

Wait, and be amongst the multitudes of Website Owners that will be on the losing end of this stick!

To do the job right takes some time and time is NOT an advocate in this situation.

If you are a Website Owner, take heed to our advice now and contact us about this matter and we can get the job done now while there’s still time to get it done right and keep the pricing reasonable.