Need To Know

1.You know who your target audience is. You know who your target demographic is. We know how to help you reach them.

2. What is the goal of your website?

A. Do you want to present a professional image?
B. Do you want to attract new customers?
C. Are you going to sell products online?
D. Are you going to display your products online, but not sell them online?
E. Are you going to display only your basic contact information and services?

3. What are your potential clients and customers going to be looking for once they are at your website? What will you be trying to convey to them once they are at your website?

A. Will they be looking for information about your newest service.
B. Will they be buying a product?

4. Having a properly outlined content is what is going to drive people to your website and keep them interested. This will help the implementation of your website.

5. How often will you need to update the content?

Search engines are always looking for new content on websites so we do advise you to change up your content on a periodic basis.
Having an up to date website will increase your search engine rank standings.
It gives your customers and potential clients a reason to come back.

6. Artwork is very important. Chances are your printer may have a high resolution logo, or the graphic artist who created it initially. Please get it ready for us.

7. Your domain name is very important. Choosing an intuitive, easily typed domain name will help your customers and potential clients find your site. Something short, to the point and easily remembered is always best.

8. Web Hosting. In order for your website to visible on the World Wide Web, you must place your files on a computer which will serve web pages. This is called a web server. We highly recommend MaiaHost.com for your web hosting services. We have had a wonderful relationship with them since 2009.

9. Search Engines are critical to your success. What do you think people would type into a search engine to reach your website? What keywords or key phrases are important?

10. What does it cost? The answer is simple yet not simple. Anything is possible, it just takes time and money. Having a specified budget in mind will help us accommodate you to your exact specifications. Although you may think this is a loaded question, having a budget to work within will let us maximize our time and efficiency.

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