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Why Do I Need A  Web Site Maintenance Plan

Many business owners believe that by establishing a successful business website they are done. But having a business website is only the beginning. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to believe that once their website is up and running, it can take care of itself. Regardless of how technically advanced your new or existing business website is it needs to be updated and maintained on a regular basis. And this is why your business needs a website maintenance plan.

Look at it this way. When you buy a new car you plan on keeping it well maintained with regular oil changes, tire rotation, etc. A business website is very similar and also needs to have regular maintenance. By not having a website maintenance plan your business website will deteriorate and become less useful over time. If you have outdated content, broken links or links that redirect to unrelated pages, your customers will get frustrated and go to your competitors’ better maintained website.

A website is never really complete. By using a website maintenance plan, you are ensuring that your website is up to date regarding design, content, regular back ups and protection against malicious login attempts, spam, and malware.

It’s one thing to develop a new web site or redesign an old one, but keeping a website up-to-date is something entirely different. Websites often get cluttered with trash, bugs, missed updates, because they are poorly maintained which will leed to broken links and the S.E.O. becoming invalid. For the long-term you will need a web site maintenance contract to maintain your site on a consistent basis. Anything you care about needs maintenance, therefore your website is just like anything else.

When it comes to your website “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is dangerous. It is not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN”. Web servers get compromised. It could be a hardware failure, a hacker, a virus, or your hosting company made a change, whatever happened, this will leave you with the problem caused by another. You will need regular backups because you never know when the disaster will happen. If disaster strikes we can restore your website in a few minutes or a few hours depending on the disaster.

Website Maintenance Benefits

Bug fixes

Updates to any plugins and CMS upgrades (if using a Content Management System)

Check for broken links

Regular website backups

General search engine optimization

Analytical reporting

Updating news information about your staff or company information

Adding new promotions or monthly specials

Content updates (photos, wording etc.)

As technology has evolved, website software has evolved. Keeping updated, secure, faster and more visible websites to search engines is as important as keeping your Office applications or smartphone updated. More importantly, your website is a crucial part of your business and therefore requires extra care to make sure it continues to perform its functions properly and most efficiently.

Can your Web Site Be Hacked?

Most websites are hacked with the simple goal of proving it can be done, or to see how much disruption the hacker can cause. Many times small business websites and blogs are targeted simply because they are small and therefore less likely to be secure.

The average hacker doesn’t care about the impact their actions have on you and your business. If your site is not up to date with the latest cyber security programs, patches and fixes you are simply leaving yourself wide open to attack. Don’t forget that this also applies to your online forms, comment boxes, company email, and even your web site theme, plugins and extensions.

A professional website maintenance plan not only includes an initial risk assessment of your site, but the professional tools required to harden and protect your business web site. Having a website maintenance plan in place means your web site is continuously scanned for threats. In most cases this will protect your site from harm. Remember a web site maintenance plan includes regular backups. That allows your service provider to restore your business website very quickly.

The User Experience

Providing the best possible user experience is essential to your online success. When major technology updates, like a browser or CMS update, occur it can have a big impact on how your business website, or parts of it, perform. As technology updates become more and more frequent they often result in one or more components breaking and not working at all.

This also works the other way around. If you update a plugin or extension on your site, and your browser or CMS can’t work with that update, that part of your business website or blog will break. When visitors come to your website they expect the best possible user experience. If forms, links, or any other components fail to work your visitors will simply go elsewhere.

A web site maintenance plan protects your site from incompatible components. Before updating anything your service provider will not only do a full backup, they also perform compatibility testing to ensure that your updated business website works better than ever. And that provides your visitors with a better user experience.

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